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    Blank lines between adherent shapes after exporting paths from Illustrator to Photoshop smart object.

    Łukasz Frankiewicz

      Hello, I've encountered a serious problem while copying a group of illustrator paths into photoshop as a smart object.


      As you can see at the screen here http://imgur.com/i1op4bW my logo design looks far worse as smart object than a simple prntscrn from illustrator. Looking close enough will reveal that smart object has blank lines of empty space where edges of my shapes stick together. You can see the black background from beneath the object.


      This has to be due to anti aliasing nature of displaying smart objects but I have no idea how to overcome this. The vector shape in illustrator is pixel-perfect, meaning every meeting anchor point has the exactly same X/Y properties.


      Is there any way to improve how it looks in photoshop?