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    I am a new using Adobe products, and I am creating an Animation using Edge Animation.....

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      Hi guys.


      As I said, I am new working with Adobe products, like Dw, and now I am creating an animation using Edge Animation.

      Actually, I am creating a carrousel with different pictures representing three different apps being displayed from different devices, moving them and creating a simulated

      movement for each one, based  on the functionality, that action should be activated by a button (i.e.) titled "Inventory", the action to execute is to move

      the three related screens ( Desktop, Ipad and Iphone ) from the original position  to the middle screen, but at the same time, and this is what I need to know,

      If there is another set of screens for a different application, how to move those back to the original position, before moving

      the selected one, "Inventory". I tried to use a duplicated transition and inverting, it works, but it doesn't stop waiting for a new action, and how to combine

      that movement back with the selected app-transition?


      I put  two screenshots with the stage and the original position for all of them. I have not created the buttons yet. I imagine I should use some kind

      of conditional statements to execute the action sending back  those elements  located in the middle  of screen, because were selected before,

      and then execute to animation to move the selected app.

      I would appreciate your help on this matter.



      Gustavo Hevia


      original Position.






      After the First animation for Inventory App.