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    I'm trying to use adobe elements 12 on my Macbut picture won't work.


      I'm trying to use adobe elements 12 on my Mac. It worked for about ten minutes but now the video is choppy and freezes on random frames. The audio is fine and each individual clip plays fine on their own. The problem comes when I try to edit at all. I'm on a MacBook Pro 10.9.11

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          What are the properties of your source media and what are you or the program setting as the project preset for this project?


          When you import your source to the Timeline, do you have an orange line over its content or no colored line? If an orange line, are you rendering the Timeline content to get the best possible preview?


          What is the brand/model/settings of the camera which recorded this video?


          After 10 minutes of your editing, how much do you have on the Timeline in the way of numbers of clips and total duration of the Timeline?

          Do the problems exist for content to which effects have been applied? If so, what effects are you applying to the Timeline content? What type of edits are you doing?


          What do your computer resources look like...installed and available RAM and free hard drive space?

          How do you have the Scratch Disks set up? Please see Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks and let us know where the Scratch Disks are directed and how much free hard drive space is at that location.


          I am strictly an Elements Windows user trying to find common ground between Premiere Elements 12 Windows and Mac.


          Please review and consider and then let us know the outcome.