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    How do i change whites in an image to paper?


      I am designing my own simple wedding invitations and I will be printing on ivory/off-white paper. I have an image of a blue watercolor brushstroke that I've placed at the bottom of the invitation. The problem is that tit is a light brushstroke and the background is white. I was wondering if there is a way to convert all whites in an image to paper color so that doesn't show as white when I print. I have tried the magic wand, but because of the fine strokes it doesn't select the appropriate areas. One other thing to note: I'm laying this out in InDesign CC, but I'm using PhotoShop CC to edit the image. If there is a better way to deal with this directly in InDesign, that would be great too. Thank you! Image is below.


      dreamstime_blue watercolor.jpg