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    Failed updates U44M1P7

    mikecox_ Level 1

      According to the troubleshooting blub the error has something to with language files.  Says I should uninstall PsCC and re-install it.  I'm assuming I can re-install if from the Adobe website but what about the add-on and extensions; and profile tweaks?  Will I have to start all over again, to build my workspace?


      Also, doesn't this "language" issue some up again?  I mean, I haven't removed any anything; like the language files the upgrade seems to be having trouble with.  So what happened to them?


      If I do nothing with updates be made to PsCC, that are unrelated to these language files?


      There reason I tried to do an upgrade is because I wanted to access the round corners option and I don't see it in my PsCC


      Round corners.jpg