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    After Effects Warning: A problem occurred when processing OpenGL commands

    Gare KC

      Hi There Fellow Adobe After Effects Users.


      Please could some one help assist me with the following error i am getting.


      I bought a template and needed to do a logo animation reveal. It was done using After Effects CC for PC.

      AE had to then convert it to Mac which did so successfully. I was able to modify, add my logo and render out.


      The following day i opened the file again and it gave me the follwoing error:

      "After Effects Warning: A problem occurred when processing OpenGL commands"

      What is confusing to me is that this issue would normally appear if my graphics cards did not support OpenGL, and it would not have opened in the first place if it was not supported.

      My graphics card is a - ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB - running Mavericks OS. So i know that this card does support GPU acceleration.


      Please could someone point me in a direction that will fix this.


      Thank you so much