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    SeekBar handle problem (Why must components be so frustrating?)

      I'm using an FLVPlayBack component with movieClips acting as the controls. This is my code:

      my_FLVPlybk.playButton = playBtn;
      my_FLVPlybk.pauseButton = pauseBtn;
      my_FLVPlybk.seekBar = track;
      track.handle_mc = scrubber;
      //-- button effects --\\
      scrubber.onRollOver = playBtn.onRollOver=pauseBtn.onRollOver=function () {
      this.highLight._rotation = 180;

      Scrubber does not respond to onRollOver or any other event but playBtn and pauseBtn both do. If I remove the line "track.handle_mc = scrubber;" the onRollOver works on scrubber but that sort of defeats the purpose of scrubber. Any suggestions or help would be very much appriecated.

      On a related note, every single time I've tried to use components in Flash I've run into some pain in the *** problem like this which causes me to abandon the component and come up with my own solution. Am I alone in this and they work great for everyone else or do a lot of other people experience problems.