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    Form fields remain interactive after form is saved


      I have built a number of forms by importing static pdf's in to Live Cycle and applying the form fields and scripts there. Now I am finding that if I save the form and then go to Acrobat XI to enable the form so that Adobe Reader users can fill it out, then when they do fill out the form and save it the result still has all of the interactive form fields of the original form.


      The objective would be that the user opens the interactive pdf, fills it out, hits a Save As button, and the form will save as a static copy with their information in it and the original interactive pdf will remain and can be closed without saving their personal data.


      I do have the option of forcing the user to print instead of save, but the user is then prompted if they want to save changes when they finish printing and go to close the original.


      This was not an issue previously, so I would like to know exactly what I am missing in this very basic step.