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    Problems with .WMV


      My iPhone videos get converted to .WMV when I send them to my PC computer where my Adobe Elements is installed.  Yet, Adobe Elements does not support .WMV, what do I need to do???

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          anthonysvarela Level 1

          Can we start with telling me what files are supported by PE?  I was able to convert my files from my camcorder.  But I don't recall what type of files those were imported as. 

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Premiere Elements (any version) does support the .wmv format typically. Who and what and why the conversion of the iPhone video to .wmv format. It may be those settings that are not compatible or more than likely the use of a variable frame rate instead of a constant one.


            So, what iPhone? And who and what is doing the conversion to .wmv? Once we know that, then we can target the Premiere Elements project settings and consider if we have to go into a 3rd party software to change a variable to a constant frame rate, etc.


            Premiere Elements accepts most formats without conversion from camcorder. I do not want to detour from the iPhone video focus, so we will get back to the conversion of files from the camcorder later.


            Major factor to think about in all this is .wmv and the like (.avi, .mpg, .m2t, .mp4) are container formats that wrap the compression. Often the video compression and audio compression are the focus points. And, sometimes the combination of the container formats and compression can create problems.


            Under the circumstances, I do not see the rationale behind going into all the Import Supported Formats for Premiere Elements. But here is one list for you to check out and then let us focus on the areas that I pointed to above.

            Adobe Premiere Elements 11 * Supported devices and file formats


            Please review and consider.


            Thank you.



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              anthonysvarela Level 1

              Thanks ATR,


              Well, to start, I filmed the footage on my iPhone 5S.  I selected 'capture

              from file' but when I selected the iPhone formatted video, I get a reader

              that says it is not supported by PE.  So this is why I tried the .WMV as to

              circumvent this issue.  I didn't really convert it I suppose.  I just

              changed the file extension.  But that wasn't working.


              Basically, I need to know how to get the file from my iPhone into PE so I

              can make simple edits.  Any thoughts?





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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Let us try this as a rough first pass. It very well may work without any fine tuning.


                Take the iPhone 5S video into HandBrake.



                Source/Open File

                Typically I set the "Chapters" to "seconds"

                Destination...I browse to and select a convenient save location, often the computer desktop.

                Leave the container = Mp4.


                Leave the details under the Picture tab as is.

                Under the Video tab, set the Video codec = H.264 (x264)

                Set the Framerate to a value rather than Same As Source..if you have a min and max Framerate, select a value in between the two.

                Have a dot next to Constant for the Framerate.


                Hit the Start button at the top left of the workspace.

                Then wait until you see "Queue Finished" in the progress bar at the bottom left

                of the workspace.


                You should now have a H.264.mp4 @ your a constant rather than variable frame rate.


                We will be watching for the outcome.





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                  anthonysvarela Level 1

                  I'll give this a shot.  Thanks.



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for looking at the troubleshooting suggestion.


                    Please do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification and/or supplemental information.