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    install zxp fails in CC host on Windows

    JeffW. Level 1



      I can install my hybrid (flash) extension in Premiere Pro CS6 and CC on Mac,

      and CS6 on Windows with the corresponding Extension Managers.


      The (updated) CC Extension Manager  on Windows however fails to install the zxp for ( the up to date) Premiere.


      Although I managed to install previous versions,

      I wonder if I have my current .mxi is correct, since some things changed when CC entered,

      which can be confusing when creating your mxi.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

      <macromedia-extension id="myExtension" name="myExtension" requires-restart="true" version="0.9.7">

        <author name="myExtension"/>




          <product maxversion="" name="Premiere" version="6"/>



        <![CDATA[my description text...]]>



          <file destination="" file-type="CSXS" products="" source="myExtension.zxp"/>

          <file destination="$installfolder" file-type="ordinary" products="Premiere" source="extendscriptprqe.txt"/>



      Please let me know if you see any missing, redundant or incorrect tags,

      id, name, author name and name of zxp are all the same, had no problems with that before,