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    Help, I can't save or export my work on my Samsung Note 10.1 2014, it just gets stuck on the busy animation


      I just started working with Photoshop Touch and I really like it and I created a couple of cool art projects already, I was able to save and export them with no problem. I started on another project and saved it everything was still working, then I went to export it to the gallery on my tablet and it just goes into the busy animation and it just goes on and on without saving anything, I tried saving it as a jpeg rather than png and its' the same thing. I went back into the project and tried to save a new copy and it stuck on the save there too, I tried force closing it, I rebooted my tablet, and I even cleared the app cache for Photoshop touch, none of it made a difference. So I uninstalled Photoshop touch all together then reinstalled it, then I started playing around again. I saved my project halfway through and it worked fine, then when I went to save my finished work, it stuck on the busy animation again, I can leave it for minutes and it just stays stuck without anything happening.

      Please help me figure out how to fix this, I was really impressed with Photoshop touch, but its' completely useless if I can't save my work.