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    Mac Pro 3,1 and NVIDIA Quadro K5000 Setup With Premiere CC


      Good Day,


      I am needing some support and recommendation for my current edit workstation (specs are below) as I've just updated the graphics card, thinking I could alleviate some render time.  I swapped out my ATI Radeon 5770 for a new K5000 for mac.  I shoot video onto AVCHD and/or DNX HD @ 175MB/s, if I use my external video recorded.  I use a variety of third-party plug-ins such as Magic Bullet Suite and Film Convert, which both support Open GL. Currently, I'm rendering out a few projects from Premiere CC via AME and am not seeing a big difference in export time to that when I exported those same projects with the previous ATI Radeon 5770.  My timeline settings were changed to reflect the new CUDA support in the settings menu, however I'm still seeing the red render bar above the timeline.  Those clips have either a Magic Bullet effect and/or Film Convert effect on them (both support Open GL). Playback does happen even with a red bar and the video plays pretty smooth on full resolution, however there are a few slow downs at points.  Obviously this is one project, but am using it as a test to the new K5000 card.  Essentially, I'm not impressed with the new card as I thought I would be, again thinking I'd have less render time with CUDA support. I even changed the settings to Open GL with K5000 card and there's still little to no difference.  I am aware that my machine is on the older side of things so this maybe playing a big factor into the performance I am seeing, so I'm not knocking the card.  I want to decrease my export time and have less or no render time since I only shoot 1080p video either in AVCHD or DNxHD formats.  I use the CC for all of my software and am update to date on the drivers.  So maybe a new system is what's needed to gain the increase in things and that graphic card is not a viable solution by itself.  Any thoughts or suggestions is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance for your time.  Since the card arrived today, I'm thinking of return it to Amazon and putting my funds to a new system if that indeed is the better option. 


      My system specs are:

      Mac Pro 3,1 that runs 2 x 3GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon on the latest version of Mavericks. 

      16GB, 800MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM

      NVIDIA Quadro K5000, 4GB (just upgraded from an ATI 5770 Radeon)