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    Saving a CC Indesign document as an IDML and then opening in CS5.5

    fxrey4253 Level 1

      I have InDesign from Creative Cloud. I have designed a new technical manual for my client who has only InDesign 5.5. He wanted me to save the new file I created for him in his version so that he can open the file and make canges to it without having me make the changes. I saved the document as an InDesign CS4 or later (IDML) and sent the file to him. Once he tried opening the file he noticed that all of the fonts were missing and that all of the left aligned tabs that I had created were now centered tabs.


      Is this a glitch in the transfer between CC InDesign and CS5.5? Or is it a preferences problem? Is there anyone out there who can help me with this?


      I am thinking that if the issue is preferences between the newer version and the older version, then there may not be much I can do or that he can do. I was thinking of just performing a file packaging and sending him that file, but again he wants to have his cake and eat it too, and by that I mean he wants to make changes in the future himself. Any ideas?