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    HELP! Illustrator CC Effect Stained glass issue


      Hello. I'm relatively new to Illustrator. I'm designing a pair of shorts and have come across a problem. I'm using the stained glass effect to give the shorts a reptile look over a gradient green to black 90 degrees. When I select the stained glass effect, the edges are white and black while the rest of the shorts are the green to black gradient. It's very frustrating why the color gradient does not run to the bleed lines. Can someone please help me? I have created this look in the past using Photoshop and had a bunch of uniforms made up for my customer. I need to make more, but my new supplier cannot use the photoshop file as he needs an editable file in vector. I'm trying to upload the image, but it's not working. The file is 3.6mb. Please help if you can, this is urgent.


      Thank you!