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    No retention of alpha channels when using Dr.Brown's Image Processor Pro.


      Version: Photoshop CS5

      Platform: PC

      Tool/Script: Dr.Brown's Image Processor Pro



      When using this tool to save .psd or .tga files as .tga files, the resulting .tga file does not retain the alpha channel...  Meaning the source file has a functioning alpha channel, but it is not present in the file generated by Image Processor Pro.  I have been checking off the "Alpha Channels" box on IPP's interface, and have tried various permutations of the other settings (which I admittedly don't fully understand).  I am not sure what else to try, so I am hoping someone here can offer insight.



      I am independently developing a game in an editor that requires .tga file format (must be 32-bits/pixel) for images.  I created all the .psd and subsequent .tga files that I need, but it turns that given the quantity of image files, I must resize them in order to reduce the overall file size of the game (and the alpha channel must be retained, to facilitate image transparency).  Since there are hundreds of images to perform this task unto, I would really like to avoid doing it manually, because I have ~1 week left until my deadline for the demo, and would like to focus on other aspects of the game's release.


      Thanks for the read, any help is greatly appreciated.