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    Table of contents - self listing




      I've already found a solution on this forum for my question but I'm hoping an expert can explain to my why something doesn't work as I expect it.



      When you make a table of contents (ToC), the entry for the ToC....page # doesn't appear in the ToC itself.



      Put a non-printing frame with a Paragraph style that is include in your "Include Paragraph Styles:" in the ToC dialogue box.



      Lets just say I've got Paragraph Style X and Paragraph Style Y in the "Included Paragraph Styles".  At the top where you can choose the Paragraph style for Table of contents (next to the Title: box) I've tried putting in Style X but it still doesn't show up.  I've tried having another ToC (a Table of Figures) using Paragraph Style X and it also doesn't show up under the first ToC.  Other items with Style X shows up, but Table of Contents and Table of Figures don't show up as a ToC entry


      Do ToC never list themselves? Or Is there something else going on.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I never noticed that before, but my guess is that TOC stories are "special" (they do have some sort of internal marking in the database that says they are a TOC -- you can't copy them to a new doc and have them update, for example) and are not included to prevents some sort of regression loop on update.