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    Is it possible to use/import mp4s?

    tahneeg Level 1

      Hey everyone,

      I'm currently testing to see if EA will be suitable for a large-scale project, which will involve lots of buttons, audio files, and videos.


      I'm interested in importing .mp4 video files and have them nested in the main timeline. Ideally I could place text/buttons/graphics on top of these and control them just like the audio (play, pause, etc).

      It doesn't seem that Edge Animate has this capability in the Import menu. (There are only mentions of image and audio files there).

      Are there any ways of nesting videos into the main timeline?

      I could import every frame and sequence them one by one, but that would be a LOT of images to load in, and I think video would be much more efficient.


      If this functionality is not there, does anyone know if there are plans to include video in an update to Edge Animate in the next 3 months? I may have to go with Flash if EA can't handle it, but have found EA to be at least 100x more efficient than Flash when preloading dozens of image files; so I want to stick to EA.