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    Photoshop Touch 1.6 update requires smoothing.

    Mutant04 Level 1

      HI all,


      I have been a user of Photoshop Touch since the start and have got every update as they have become available.

      The new 1.6 (1.2 for phones) update looks to be an awesome update to the excellent app.


      However after using now for a couple of days I am starting to see that it does have its bugs.


      This may sound like a big long moan, but its not. I still think that the update is excellent and the app in general the app is very very good an used everyday, but feel that some items in the update do need addressing.


      The Brush Engine

      The new enhancements to the brush I believe are excellent, and what was needed. Although I find that after the update the Hardness slider does not really do much. You can have it on 1% or 100% and you only get a little bit of softness unlike before when you could see a true difference between a soft brush and a hard brush.


      I also feel that the spacing slider does not work correctly. Once you have altered the spacing when you make a stoke I find that the start of the brush seems clustered, before the spacing kicks in.


      Quick Selection tool


      In general (and my own opinion) there was already many different methods of selecting inside Photoshop Touch, so the Quick Selection tool was not really needed. However I have tried the new tool out  and found that it doesn't work.


      When you paint on a object to select it, it does not paint, so you don't know what your selecting. You can alter brush settings, but what is the point when you can't see what your selecting. Very disappointing. This could be a good tool if it worked correctly.


      On the whole the update is good with some nice ideas although a bit of smoothing need I think (1.6.1???).


      I have read that other users are having other problems with syncing, exporting and even installing ( I'm using a Note 10.1 2014 edition, and so far fingers crossed have not had these problems)so I believe  a bug fix may be needed.