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    iOS/AIR Running and Debugging Issues with Flash Builder

    SimonGladman Level 1

      I'm having very frustrating intermittent issues running and debugging Flex applications on an iPad 3rd generation retina with Flash Builder 4.7.


      Until this morning, launching on device using both standard and fast packaging worked pretty well. Every now and again, I'd get a dialog saying the packaging had completed successfully, but it hadn't. A quick change of the USB cable to another port on my iMac and it started working again. I'd also randomly get a "Error occurred while installing the application: Invalid <device> specified" error, which quickly went away.


      This morning, with the same code base, the same certificate and provisioning profiles, Flash Builder has only managed to successfully package and run my application on my iPad twice and I must have attempted to launch fifty or so times. Standard packaging, fast packaging and with and without the useLegacyAOT.


      Does this sound like a Flash Builder issue? Is my iMac USB driver dodgy? Has anybody else experienced this?


      Any help greatly welcomed!