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    problems exporting a video from premiere11


      Sorry for my bad English. I hope, I can let you understand the three major problems I have.


      My program:          Adobe Premiere 11, Version 11.0, installed March 2014


      My computer:          Windows 7; Intel i3-3220, 3,30GHz, 32 bit; RAM: DIMM 4 GB DDR3-1333 Kit; Intel(R) HD-Graphics

                                      Clips are stored on SSD 111GB (15 GB free)


      My project:              Row clips are taken on a Panasonic Camcorder, AVCHD, format: (.m2ts),  25 fps  

                                      In total 19,2 GB (about 3 hours runtime).

                                      The processed video was reduced to 85 min runtime. Approx. 50 titels, dissolves a.o. are includet

                                      No additional video or sound track.

                                      Rendering after processing was finished in approx. 3 minutes.

                                      Export of the video should be done to my computer and from there to the hard disk drive of my multi media player

                                      for future presentation on my home TV (1920x1080p 24 fps, PAL-system of course).


      My problems:           1. Program asks for more memory

                                       2 . Export to my computer is not possible

                                       3. The program allows export in NTSC only


                To 1:               Towards the end of processing the video often came up a message like " low memory available, store the

                                       project and continue carefully". The program worked sometime slowly and it happened, that the program stopped

                                       completely and had to be started new.

                               QUESTION:          Is it necessary to expand RAM- memory? To what extend?


                To 2:               In the section "computer" I used both Versions:  "MPEG" preselection "HDTV 1080p 24"

                                        as well as "AVCHD" preselection "M2T-H264 1920x1080p 24".

                                       The expected time for exportation was displayed with approx. 2:30 hours.

                                       Always came a message up after short time "unknown error" and then I stopped the process.

                                       The Task Manager showed than CPU-utilization quiet often in the area of more than 95% and up to 100 %.

                               QUESTION:          Is it necessary to install a more powerful processor?  Is Intel i5 strong enough?


                To 3:               I remember, that at the beginning of the project I made a preselection for the TV-standard. The program offered NTSC

                                       and I changed that explicit to PAL. During the preparation of the export of my video the detailed data showed that the

                                       program is going to perform the export in NTSC format. I could not find any way to select a setting allowing PAL format

                                       (except a selection "PAL disk 720 x 576", which is of course not appropriate for my TV with 1920x1080 display)

                               QUESTION:          What do I do wrong?


      Thanks for your kind Response and best regards               felge

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          A few questions:


          1) In the project in which you used only one type of video (you say it was AVCHD), wen you add the video to the timeline in Expert view, do you see a yellow orange line above the clips, along the top of the timeline? If so, this is an indication that your project and video specs are not matched, which can cause you problems, particularly on larger projects.


          2) In the cases when you do see a yellow orange line above the clips in Expert view (as when you've added effects or transitions) have you always rendered the timeline (pressed Enter on your keyboard) so that those yellow orange lines turn green?


          3) Finally, have you considered doing a test drive of, say, a 15-20 minute video rather than starting out with a whopping 3 hour epic production? That way you can get the bugs worked out of your workflow before you overwhelm the program with a massive overload?

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            felge Level 1



            to 1)     Yes, I used only one type of videos (it was AVCHD), but the orange line showed up only in the specific area, where I addet text, effects or                transitions.


            to 2)       I rendered after finishing my cutting of all clips and all the orange areas changed to green. 


            to 3)     No, so far I didn´t consider  that, but that might be considerable. Will see, what I have available to perform. But beside that, an information

                           to the present problems as described before would be very helpful for me


            regards          felge

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I think you need to try a test run of a smaller project before you tackle a 3 hour epic production, felge.


              See if you can get a 15 minute project to output first. You have to know if you can do that before we start troubleshooting this huge project.

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                felge Level 1



                probably I couldn´t make it clear about the size of my project:

                Three hours raw materials means the total outcome from a vacation trip: a total week full of touristic highligths -> very easy comes there out an amount of three hours of clips. It was hard work to condense and melt down that material to a final total length of 85 minutes, but necassary of course.


                I will follow your advise and have found an elder sequence of clips (same camera, AVCHD as well, approx. 10 to 15 min length). It will last a few days to work out a video, then I will report to you  about the results.


                REMAINING QUESTION:               I still have to find a way out of the NTSC-trap.

                          It doesn´t make sense for me to finish a video in NTSC-Format. I couldn´t rather show it on my TV-Screen (PAL 1920x1080p 24).

                          What can I do to avoid NTSC and create PAL-Format for my TV-Screen?



                     Regards          felge

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  I'm not sure I understand your remaining question, but if your program is configured for PAL video, your output options will be by default PAL video.


                  Also, for what it's worth, there's virtually no difference between NTSC 1920x1080p24 and PAL 1920x1080p24. They have the same frame size and frame rate.


                  Nonetheless, I look forward to hearing the results of your short movie workflow test.

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                    felge Level 1

                    Thanks for your Information. I didn´t know that there is no difference between NTSC and PAL in the case of 1920x1080p24. Will inform you asap.

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                      felge Level 1



                      in the meantime I finished the small video-project with sufficiant results!           In detail:


                      Raw video clips about 11 min total length

                      Preselection before start of the project:  PAL  ->  AVCHD  ->  Full HD 1080i25 ( there is no selection for "1920x1080p24" available)

                      Final cut is of 7 minutes length (2,97 GB)

                      Rendern only lasts  7 min

                      Export to my HDD lasts 14 min. Selected was :  Computer  ->  AVCHD  ->  M2T-H264 1929x1080p24

                      Export took place without any trouble.

                      During export I watched the task manager and the ressourcen monitor. The diagrams showed:

                                CPU-utilization was permanentely 90 -98 %, in average approx. 95 % (CPU0 very low -> <10%, CPU1,2,3 very high -> >90%)

                                Memory-utilization: permanentely around 50 %

                      Lateron the exported video runs on my TV-screen without  problems (except some "flashes": that looks like, that a single frame is not ok. That happens 10 times during the first two minutes of the video)


                      So far, anything is fine. but what does that mean for my "big" project??  What is to do to finish that big project?

                      Why are there problems I do not see on the smaller project?    Is it recommendable to go for more PC-power? 


                      Regards and many thanks          felge 

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        If you are able to successfully create a large project, then the software is working just fine.


                        If you can't output your larger project, then it may be related to instability in your computer. When did you last run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter? Have you ensured you have all of the Windows and Microsoft updates, including the ones you have to install manually?


                        If you've tuned up and cleaned up your computer and you're still having trouble outputting your video, it may be wise to create your project in smaller (half hour, for instance) pieces. Just output each segment using Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD with the M2T 1920x1080 25i output. You can then gather all of these finished pieces into a final project for your final output. This is how professionals do it.

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                          felge Level 1

                          Software updates have been done, as they are known to me. The disk is quiet new and defragmented.


                          I will follow your advice and finish my projects in smaller pieces as long as that works (a second test exportation of the "small" video had two interruptions during exportation, but finally it was possible to create the copy).


                          One subject I do not understand yet: when even professionals work that way with smaller parts of a "bigger" project, that certainly doesn´t mean, that Premiere has limitations with that respect. I assume the limitation is based on the own equipment.


                          Therefore my last QUESTION:


                          Would it be helpful in my case to improve the performance of the system to spend some more power to the computer? I do not know  where to improve the software further and the clean up.


                          Regards and thanks for your prompt and competent answers.          felge

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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            I would not invest in a more powerful computer at this point. That's not likely your issue. Just work on your large project in smaller pieces and you should be fine.


                            I always say that working on a large video project is like bringing in several bags of groceries from the car. You can make several short trips or you can try to carry everything in at once. But the more you try to carry at once, the more likely you're going to drop something or have other problems.

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                              felge Level 1



                              I will follow your proposed way and work with smaller pieces of my video.




                              1.   Does Premiere supports the splitting into parts of the video? Where is this function to be find? ( in the "Clip"-section?)


                              2.   Does Premiere allow to re-assamble the finished video sections or has that to be done with another Software? Which one?


                              regards felge

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                                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                1. Premiere Elements is a video editor. You can cut your movie or project into as small segments as you'd like. The program will not, however, do this automatically for you.


                                2. If you use Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD with the M2T 1920x1080 preset to output each segment of your movie, you will be able to assemble these segments into a final video in a new Premiere Elements project.

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                                  felge Level 1

                                  Sorry, but I have to come back with more silly questions:


                                  Following your proposal I have the complete video stored under different names (f.e.: title1, title2 and title3). Then I have in the tree titles parts of the video cleared so that finally all three parts of the video were resident in three different titles.




                                  Is there a way to do that simpler? I couldn´t find a way within the Premiere features.


                                  For the reassambly of the three video-pieces after rendering and exporting to AVCHD-format to a common video consisting of the complet video I have no idea how to do that.

                                  If I melt them together by a further exporting proceedure then I will run in the same problems as before because of the total length of the video.




                                  What is the appropriate way to do that?

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                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                    Felge, I recommend you at least try a test run of what I've recommended -- outputting short segments and combining the finished parts in a final mix project. Once you see how it works, it will answer most of your questions. Just try it.


                                    I don't know a simpler way to do it. Just make three (or more) copies of your large project and cut each part down so that only your segment is on the timeline of each. Then output each segment as I've described above.


                                    Since each piece is already finished, your final mix project should have little program outputting their combined footage (assuming you've got a clean and tuned computer).

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                                      felge Level 1

                                      YES, I want to follow your advice and render the video in separate parts!


                                      Obviously I couldn´t make you to understand my Problem: I do not know, how to do that!


                                      1.     To separate the video into parts:

                                                     How to cut it into parts? What function is to be used there? How to render and export the selected part only without the other parts?

                                                     Is it therefore necessary to store the parts of the video under different names on my HDD and do I have to import these parts one after

                                                     another to render them separately?


                                      2.     How to reassamble the rendered parts? What function is to be used there?

                                                     If I load the rendered parts from my HDD in the Premiere Album und take  them over to the timeline, do I have the same problem as before

                                                     with the extrem length of the Video which creates always a mistake? (I couldn´t test that up to now because I didn´t have rendered parts

                                                     available for that test)


                                      I do hope that with your answer the problem now can finally solved. Thanks and regards               felge

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                                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                        I'm not sure how else to explain it, felge.

                                        1) Look over your 3 hour project and figure out how best to break it up into 15-20 minute segments. The shorter your segments the better. But decide how many parts you can break it into and where you're going to cut to make that happen.

                                        2) Make as many copies of your project as you need segments for your movie. A 3-hour project, for instance, broken into 15 minute segments will be broken into 12 segments. So make 12 copies of your project file and name them Part 1, Part 2, etc.

                                        3) Open each project and cut away all except for that part's segment.

                                        4) Output each project's segment using Publish & Share/computer/AVCHD with the M2T 1920x1080 preset.

                                        5) Open a new project and bring out of the M2T files you've created and reassemble them on the timeline. Then Publish & Share your finished movie.


                                        I know that sounds like a lot of work -- but you're working on an epic, 3 hour project. There's really no way to simplify that.