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    Full motion capture bad quality


      I've tried to capture an animation with the full motion capture mode...
      But I've noticed a rather bad quality of the recording. Although I've setted all the options at max, including "Video quality =100".

      The problem is with the animation background: the original color is a faded blue....while the full motion recording gives me back a very bad shade....
      ...then the resultant animation is not as smooth as the original: it jumps.... and it's not a nice effect...

      Any solution please?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Klaudia78 and welcome to our community

          Firstly, Captivate has always been rather weak in the full motion category. However, having said this, you may want to look at the following options:

          Click Options > Recording Options... > Full Motion Recording tab. You may wish to make the following changes:

          * Ensure the opton "Disable hardware acceleration" is enabled (checked)
          * Ensure the option "Video color mode" is 32 Bit

          Click Project > Preferences... > Preferences tab and ensure the option "Frames per second" hasn't been changed from 30. If so, try changing to 30.

          Hopefully these help... Rick