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    How to delete fonts & re-add them InDesign cc


      Im trying to fumble though some issues my indesign trial I just loaded keeps saying "indesign is not working, windows is searching for a solution" then the only option is to close it.

      I tried uninstalling, reinstalling it even updating to windows 8.1 (on my sony Tap 21). It didnt fix it.

      I have found some instructions here but I dont understand how to actually find and delete fonts....I found some somewhere in a folder called PFM, (Cut and copied to my desktop) and now I forgot where to put them back! I think I was tired from trying all day to fix this. And no technical support available on weekend....


      Hope someone might have a suggestion....(in laymen with some capacity to troubleshoot terms)


      I am trying to follow these instruction Indesign CC crashes after startup - Windows 8


      and these https://forums.adobe.com/message/5431757#5431757#5431757


      But I dont know if it means the Windows fonts, or the adobe fonts, or where to find either....(and if this is the actual problem?)


      ---doing my best!


      1. Quit InDesign

      2. Remove all fonts from the fonts folder and add a small batch of fonts back in

      3. Launch InDesign

      4. If it doesn't crash, quit InDesign and add some more fonts.


      If it crashes, you know one of that batch is the problem, narrow down further.


      ex. Split the fonts into halves, add half of the fonts back in > if crashes > add half of the batch that causes the crash > half of that to narrow down the list


      Look out for fonts with special characters in the name. Some examples of problem fonts reported by the community are:

      • Ithornët
      • Typo3-Medium.ttf
      • Typo3Normal.ttf
      • batang.ttf
      • Savoye LET
      • IndyPimp
      • ImpactLabel