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    Patch for installing Pagemaker 7.0 on mac osx Lion?


      Dear Adobe Community,


      I am a graduate student who purchased pagemaker 7.0 from the university bookstore recently. I tried to install it to my mac with osx lion on it. However, from reading through the blogs and other online sites it appears that pagemaker is so primative that it will not work on any mac os after  version 9.7. I know this is not only a problem for me and was hoping that somehow adobe in the name of customer service had created some sort of patch to correct this problem for those wishing to keep it old school without making them find a mac with version osx 9.7 (would not know where to find one anyways).  I would prefer not to use third party patches as they usually come with other free goodies that I don't want but am open to it as well. Thank you for your assistance.