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    3 annoying changes in CFBuilder 3

    Leftbower Level 1

      There are 3 changes from CFB2 to CFB3 that are pretty annoying and I am wondering if anyone has a fix?


      1. Word-wrap has seemed to have disappeared. It is no longer in preferences in the same place, nor any other that I can find? I have found an eclipse plugin to take care of this for now, but wondering if there is an official way to do this within CFB3 or was this an Aptana feature that Adobe decided not to implement in their rewrite? I would think word-wrap to be pretty basic functionality in an editor...
      2. In Outline View I always set the filter to CFFUNCTION only. When using cfscript based components, the outline view is polluted by any javadoc comments you may have. There is a new toggle button available: "Show Function Only" but it defaults to off and so you continually need to click this button for every cfc you have open to hide the mis-parsed comment detritus. Very annoying. There must be a way to either remove these comments altogether or at least have that toggle feature stick to on?
      3. Continuing in Outline View: there now seems to be a maximum viewable width to display functions. The view now truncates function names with an ellipsis no matter how wide you make the Outline View. This makes the view completely unusable with longer function names... especially where those function names begin similarly... I cannot find any settings to alter this?


      I am running CFB3 as a plugin on 64-bit Kepler on Win 7 and Win 8.1 64-bit.


      Andy K