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    Adobe creative fraud credit card charges

    Nerd3D Level 1

      Three months ago I needed to change my credit card billing info. Adobe's wonderfully designed web site was unable to process this simple request, "Address is invalid". Whatever. I get stuck calling their top notch India based customer support. After several dozen tries it was supposedly fixed.


      Two weeks later I'm locked out of my apps because it wasn't.


      More calls to India.


      Another week of cussing at India support. Finally I'm directed to create a new account and they will fix the problem on the new account and cancel the old one. Atul the "manager" supposedly fixed it and said I would be credited 15 days free for the insane level of hassle. That was obviously a lie.


      So far this Month I've been billed $130 for my "$49.99" subscription to Adobe Creative Fraud. Two regular subscriptions and a student subscription. It seems my only recourse will be to file fraud charges against Adobe and cancel my card. I sure as hell ain't calling India again. I'd end up paying for 2 more subscriptions.


      Case number 212857744 and/or C0056861989

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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          did you try this: http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/membership-subscription-troubleshooting- creative-cloud.html (India has the same link)
          >>> Payment & credit card >>> Help changing the credit card on your account >>> 1. Do one of the following >>> ...

          From there maybe: " If you "Still need help? Contact us." >>> Chat with us.


          If open please use the chat I've had only good experiences.



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            bobmepp Level 1

            I agree that chat is very effective, and the Indian staff people I've dealt with have been pleasant, prompt in solving my problem, and knowledgable. But, you must describe your issue clearly and coolly. I have never had a problem changing payment methods, except for the recent sign-in issue, which went away after about 24 hours, at which time the change happened immediately.

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              Nerd3D Level 1

              Unfortunately that has not been my experience. Not only has Adobe support been no help at all but they have made the situation several orders of magnitude worse. Perhaps if we spoke the same language we could communicate effectively. Sorry I don't speak Hindi. Then again I shouldn't have to learn a new language to use software I've now paid several times to use. After wading through a labyrinthian phone tree and waiting on hold for 1/2 an hour it would be nice if I could understand the person on the other end of the line. It would be even better if they could understand me. When you both have to repeat everything 2 or 3 times you're not likely to get good results.


              The chat box on the web site is useless. I gave up after an hour.


              Adobe support fails miserably on all fronts. I'm especially upset about being lied to by the "manager". Somebody named Atul supposedly fixed all this a month ago and here I am again. Somebody else who's name I didn't write down failed to fix the problem 2 months ago. Two weeks before that another Adobe support techie screwed it up too. And that's not even counting the fact the Adobe website's malfunction caused the problem in the first place. That's epic failure in any language.


              I'm not cussing at the poor tech support guy on the phone. I'm cussing Adobe for cheapskating their support. We all know they are only using Indian support because they can pay them a pittance and get away with it.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Until an Adobe staff person comes along and reads this, I don't think anyone here will be able to help


                Adobe contact information - http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html may lead you to someone who can help

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Getting help via the chat, even if you have to wait quite a while, is useful in a couple ways:  one, you are typing to each other so the accents in each other's English is not a factor.  And you can get a transcript of the chat session, either via copy/paste or perhaps still by e-mail at the end, so at least you can post a transcript of your discussions to prove to others what should have happened.

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                    bobmepp Level 1

                    My negative experiences have all been with phone support, never with chat support, so you may have a point regarding phone support. I also agree about the "race to the bottom" that all corporations seem to be involved in (not just Adobe) where the cheapest labor world wide is being sought out, and that there is undoubtedly exploitation of workers outside the US. (And it also contributes to the exploitation of workers in the US). It looks like you've had some bad experiences, but the chat workers who appear to be Indian have always impressed me. English is widely spoken in India, and I have known several Indians during my life, all of whom seemed more well trained in English than many Americans. I do consulting work that involves court reports, and a very good idea in any conversation that will be part of a record is to get the other party to repeat themselves, by asking, "so let me restate what you said.....is that what you meant?". The result is very useful in a chat transcript, prevents misunderstanding, and covers your interests well. I don't like chat delays, and I'm willing to bet that they are due to chat workers being required to have two or more chat windows going at any given time, which has to be tough on them and can lead to errors.

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                      gott pix Level 1

                      Adobe is fraudulently billing me for products and services that I have not requested or received.  They are putting through charges to a cancelled AMEX card of mine and have admitted that the e-mail address is not my e-mail address.  However, they have lied to American Express during the dispute resolution process about this.  A charge was put through the DAY AFTER I ended all accounts and relationships with Adobe.  Adobe is very slow to respond and they keep saying I have to take it up with American Express.  American Express says that Adobe is telling them the information is indeed from my profile.  Very frustrating!    Adobe customer care is a joke.

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                        sag666666 Level 1

                        My problem with Chat support is minor compared to everything I've read here. But I will say I've been with Adobe since 1985 when they introduced Pagemaker, which we used in the Publications department of my university. Upgraded to InDesign and Photoshop, and have been with them ever since. (I LOVE the programs.)


                        I am fortunate to have always OWNED original discs/program- I have CS6 versions. I recently tried "renting" Dreamweaver to do a project for a friend, but cancelled.  If I can find a version on eBay, I will buy it, but I detest what is considered customer "service" today.

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                          jbetelak Level 1

                          going through the same thing right now, its true

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                            lisad71075339 Level 1

                            Same thing- I have no plans or registered products but am continually being billed monthly for NOTHING - Chat never answers and there is no email to use - ha- so no real chain of contact. It is horrible. This has been going on for years.


                            Fraud and no way to contact the company is ridiculous.