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    Video Recording / Production Project Question



      I have a project to work on and need to be sure I set my handycam with correct recording settings in order to properly edit it with PreEL 11


      Here are the video recording settings I can use. My handycam is "Sony HXR-NX5E". Keep in mind the link I provided reports English fps settings. I do have an Italian cam and have different parameters: 50i or 25 fps. So far I decided to set and use this recording mode:

      At the end of recording I end up with this file properties:



      I have to create a DVD-5 project (PAL Widescreen 16:9) and wish to keep the original recording in HD so that later on I can create a Blu-Ray disk.


      I wish to know if Adobe PreEL 11 is capable of accepting HD file when creating a SD project (respecting same Aspect Ratio) and will be able to create DVD-5.

      I would assume so but need to make sure. I believe the most important thing to do is create the correct PAL Widescreen project.


      Please kindly let me know.


      Also, I have another question: If I have a project where I have to create DVD-5 (SD) video, Blu-Ray DVD and a HD video to be played on the PC is there a way I edit the entire video once and than am able to scale down to what the prject needs to be? In other word, how to approach this video editing if with one source I have to end up with three different results?


      Thannk you,