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    Indesign CC crashes on startup


      I have the latest, up-to-date version of Indesign CC. Of late, its been crashing during startup, at different points: During 'Late Initializers', now at 'Loading shortcuts'. I reinstalled it, and it worked fine immediately after that, but now its starting to crash again. Any ideas why and how to solve this annoying issue?


      I run Win 8.1.

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          I have the same problem & am running Windows 10. I had someone in Support "fix" the problem for me. After giving him control of my computer, 2 hours & multiple escalations later it was sorta fixed for a while (never did run completely properly). Now it's completely frozen again. I'm having issues with other Adobe programs as well (Reader and the trial version of Photoshop). I was really hoping to buy the full CS6 at the end of this month, but no way is that happening with all these issues.


          Has Adobe really gone this far downhill? I remember not that many years ago when Adobe Support was the IT equivalent of the Maytag Man -- it consistently ran without any issues. I paid for a 30-day subscription & have been able to use it 7 of those days. I was told it was not possible to give me a refund or even to extend the time to allow me to actually be able to use the program for the full 30 days. The only apology I received was that it took 2 hours with Adobe Support to "resolve" the issue.

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            gert verrept Level 2

            If you have cc2015.4, I would advice you to return to the previous version of CC. We had problems too and have reverted to 2015.3 without any problem. Older versions can be found at All Adobe CC 2015 Updates: The Direct Download Links for Windows | ProDesignTools  Pls follow the instructions carefully.