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    asp.NET & actionscript objects

      I'm making a calendar app in flex and I've been told the back end must be in asp.net.
      I need to both insert and delete multiple entries. I'd like to call a webservice and hand it of an actionscript object with the details of what needs to be inserted/deleted then loop through the object within the webservice and make the database calls.
      What I want to know is whether asp.Net can handle/understand actionscript objects or not. If anyone could give me the thumbs up or down, I'd much appreciate it
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          batmitra Level 1
          As i understand all you want is to send data to an asp.net webservice a make it save that data on a database, am i correct?

          Ok if that's what you want, you don't send an object to asp.net although you could because asp.net can understand objects, but you can send it like parameters to your webservice, like for example:

          If you have a webservice ,named mywebservice , with an operation called myoperation, that take 2 parameters, you can in flex make this:

          lets supose you want to send data with a click of a button, on the button event, click you put this click="mywebservice.myoperation(parameter1, parameter2)"

          that's as simple as this, of course you need to mas a result function when you declare the webservice operations in flex.