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    swf, swc and the mxmlc, compc ant tasks

    Mongolian Beef
      I'm a bit confused on the end result of the mxmlc / compc ant tasks, or maybe the difference between swf and swc files. I have a library of 60 or so AS3 files used for serialization/deserialization of my Java backend (using GDS for serialization of data between java serverside and my flex front end). I first use the compc ant task on these AS3 files to create a swc file. This swc is 453316 bytes. With this flash library, I use the mxmlc ant task on my mxml file, which produces a 201,492-byte swf file.

      I have a couple questions related to the procedure above. Shouldn't the swf file include the swc file, and hence be bigger than the swc? I'm just wondering if I deploy the swf file, will it have all it needs in the swc file to perform the functions correctly?

      My second question relates to setting the keep-generated-actionscript="true" in the mxmlc task. When doing this, I see all the AS3 code generated. However, it does not include 55 of the 60 AS3 classes compiled in the swc. It only generated AS3 code for those AS3 classes explicitly declared in the mxml code (via import and actual declaration). Am I doing something wrong here or is this the way flex does its thing?

      The reason why I'm concerned about this is that I'm getting a "ArgumentError: Error #2004: One of the parameters is invalid" issue am I'm think its happening in the AS3 code (not the Java server side) and I don't know how to debug this.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced!