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    How can I keep left- and right-aligned paragraphs together on the same line?

    Omegaman22 Level 1

      I am currently trying to typeset a menu. Basically, I want the Dish Title to be left-aligned and the Price right-aligned — but on the same line. I can achieve the effect by typing in a shift+tab after the Dish Title text and then inserting the price, but I would rather have two distinct paragraphs styles, so that I can adjust them globally to see what looks good. I can achieve the effect by adjusting the Price character baseline of the price and moving it up, but then if I need to make any price changes, I find it a pain trying to get the cursor in the right place in situations where a baseline is substantially altered.


      Back in the old days (in Ventura!!), I could just remove the line break after the "Dish Title" style and the "Price" would move up to the same line, but I can't seem to be able to do this in CS6.


      Any ideas?