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    Edge .oam animations changing dimensions on Android

    Daren Birchall

      Can anyone tell me why .oam files imported into Indesign for use on DPS Android change size in the new Adobe Content Viewer.


      This is doubly confusing because before the April 2014 change in content viewer (my folios are now published as version 30) the animations were pixel perfect (1280 x 752 pixels) and now with the new content viewer they scroll. It's hard to judge but I would guess about 25% bigger.


      I am viewing on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the latest version of Content Viewer. (The ipad version works just fine)

      I have tried exporting the Edge animation stage as 100% instead of 1280 x 752 pixels, this just crops the stage once exported.

      The odd (and annoying) thing is that the preview image fits perfectly into the Indesign document, it's only when it gets on the DPS.


      Any clues appreciated