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    Photoshop opening RAWs as JPEGs

    mknabster Level 1

      I have Photoshop CS5.5 with the ACR update for the Canon EOS 5D MKIII, and i have been able to successfully load images into it, but after my latest shoot, it doesn't want to open up the images properly. I selected all 400+ images, and when i dragged them into photoshop, or selected them by file/open, then came in as though they were jpegs, and completely bypassed ACR. Now when i tried selecting the images in a group in Windows explorer, and selected open with..., it opened them individually in ACR, so instead of their being the image scroller pane on the left side of the screen, the first one came up, and then when i pressed done or cancel on that one, the next image loaded up in ACR. So what's going on with ACR?