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    Problem with CS6 crashing when moving pages and saving


      I have Windows 8.1 installed and continue to experience issues with CS6 crashing when trying to move pages between documents, and also when saving documents. I was experiencing these issues prior to upgrading to 8.1 from Windows 7. We have reinstalled the operating system, and reinstalled CS6 but no luck. We also thought there may be a network issue as it's a work computer but have tested this by setting up a discrete network and it still crashes. I have no idea what's causing it to crash and have also tried changing network printers to see if there's an issue and reinstalling the user profile. Any help/ideas gratefully appreciated as it's causing significant problems given that a good percentage of the day is working with InDesign and it's mostly just rebooting the programme! Any advice on how to diagnose what the problem is would be good. Thanks.