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    RoboHelp Indexing

      Hello every one,

      I am new to using RoboHelp. My recent project has me building a Mega file from three smalled files used by individual departments at my job. The mega file will be used by all departments and each department will have there own drop down from the home page.

      I just finished building the Mega file. The Index Keywords under the project side of RoboHelo did not import from the original index files.

      Is there a way to import the Index Keywords from the three seperate RoboHelp files to the new Mega file?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum

          Take backups of everything in site. Then open the index file (HHK) of the mega project and the single projects. You should be able to see how to add the content of the single projects into the mega project. If you are not sure, get one of your developers to sit with you. I am sure they will see what needs to be done.

          Post back if you cannot resolve it.

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            CraigCC Level 2
            Hi S,

            you could 'carefully' copy the source project .hhk file content from each of the two source project to the new .hhk file. Open up the files in notepad and take a bit of time to digest the format of these files. You just need to copy the appropriate entries between the following tags....
            <!-- Sitemap 1.0 -->
            <object type="text/site properties">
            <param name="SiteType" value="index">



            Obviously backup before you start :-)

            Kind Regards
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              CraigCC Level 2
              Afternoon Peter, apologies for treading on yer toes.
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                Scrantonicity Level 1
                How do I open the .hkk file. My computer does not have any software that supports that type of file. When opening the file I get the default what do you want to use to do?
                Use web service to find the appropriate program .
                Select program from a list.
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                  CraigCC Level 2
                  You will need to use notepad.
                  You should be given the option to select a programme from a list, Notepad (a basic text editor) will be in the list.

                  Please remember to take backups first!
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                    Scrantonicity Level 1

                    Thank yo so much. You just saved me about two days worth of work.

                    I copied the biggest of the three files and pasted into the mega.hkk file and it seemed to work.

                    Now I am going to play with the merging all three into one file and see if creates duplicate index keywork entries.

                    Thank you so much,
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                      CraigCC Level 2
                      Hi Andy,

                      Glad you are sorted.
                      I recently combined a project of over 40 .chm and managed to sort out the index using this method. It does save bags of time but it is prone to human error. Best to take backups at each stage (e.g. if the first combo works, take a back up and then move onto the next).

                      You will get duplicate entries, but you can delete them at a later stage via the RH project tab.

                      Good luck and have a great weekend