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    Cannot sign into Creative Cloud... again!

    ZimFromIRK Level 1

      Trying to run Adobe Muse to finish a project.  It says there is an upgrade, but I don't dare try that now.


      It then says I need to sign in again, but when I do I get


      "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.  I-2".


      This is incredibly frustrating -- this is the second time in as many weeks I've been unable to work because of a problem with Creative Cloud.


      The last time, deleting this file



      solved the problem (althought I still had to reset my password twice).  But I can't delete this file now because it says

         The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. 

      There are four processes called "Adobe CEF Helper.exe" running. Three can't be killed (and yes, I'm an administrator); the fourth can be killed but comes back immediately.  I have a lot of stuff open (Visual Studio sessions and text editors) and I really don't want to reboot.

      Why is this so terrible?  This software costs a lot of money and it's inexcusable that legitimate customers get hassled on a regular basis because Adobe can't keep their database straight.