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    Flash Player 13 failed to register during installation for Windows 8


      I have a brand new Windows 8 computer (3 weeks old).  While accessing Candy Crush I was prompted to install Flash Player.  I use Firefox as my browser.  During download I get the error message 'failed to register'.  I clicked "Done" anyway.  I can access Candy Crush but flash player stops working while downloading the game.  I can click "Continue" to access the game anyway and it loads .  But this is frustrating to do every time and I am afraid this could lead to problems down the road.


      Today during my research I clicked a link to uninstall Flash Player.  Then tried reinstalling FB13 but received the same 'failed to register' message.  I then went to my Uninstall Programs on the computer and found out I had Flash Player 12!  So I am not sure why I was ever prompted to install Flash Player in the first place.  I deleted FB12 then tried installing Flash Player 13, again. Every time I reboot after installation, just in case.  But again, I get the same 'failed to register' during the download. 


      Is there something else wrong with my new computer or is there a bug with Flash Player 13 (Firefox) causing my error?