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    Import word files in InDesign but only Form Text or selected styles

    BobM1990 Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I have this magazine I design a few times a year and the articles are sent to me as word-files with tables they have to fill in in order to know who the author is, what the title will be etc.


      I would like to find a way to easily import the content of their articles etc. in Indesign and I found out that importing Word files is simple as goodbye. Me happy!


      But now I constantly have to copy-paste their article text out of the table and paste it elsewhere in the InDesign file, so I thought: isn't there a possibility to, while importing the word file, select what styles should be imported (so that the instructions I put in the template for their word articles for instance won't be put into the InDesign file but only the forms they fill in) or can I setup the importing of it to only import the form field text (if the word file would be set up as a form with protected items fields they can fill in?).



      Many thanks!