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    3D tracking and snapping object to null?


      Okay so my teacher wanted us to use 3d tracking and then put in objects to texts in the video footage. I did the 3D analyzing and then put down my target on the screen. He then said that after the null was used for the tracking marker that I can put an image in it and snap that image to the null by pressing command. I'm on a PC at home. I'm sorry but I despise Mac. Since I don't have a command button and we use CC in school but at home I have CS6 I donno how to snap the picture to the null in CS6. Please help I'm freaking out.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Alt and Option are the matching keys on a PC and a Mac

          Ctrl and cmmd are the other matching keys


          You can use two techniques for placing a new 3D layer in the same position as a null. Copy the position property of the null and paste to the new layer, or hold down the Cmnd/Ctrl + Shift key and make the null  the parent of the new layer. You can then remove the parent or leave it. If you do not see the parenting column in the timeline right click at the top and go to Columns>Parent.