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    How to go about creating a Motion Comic?


      What would i need to learn specifically from Photoshop and After Effects? I am a newbie in both Photoshop and After Effects and I am looking into learning the basics of both of them..but once I learn the basics is their anything advanced i need to know to achieve good quality camera movements/effects? I read a comment about parallaxing in AE and the clone tool in Photoshop etc. Also can Google sketchup be used to create environments to go into AE? Thank you to any comments.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are completely new to Photoshop and After Effects and you want to create something like the video you pointed us to in your second post and you already possess the illustrating skills (ability to draw one of those scenes with a pencil) then I would guess that you need about 4 to 6 months of training on a part time basis or a full month of 10 hour days. There are dozens of techniques in each frame from color correction to puppet pin and hand drawn animation.


          I would suggest a Lynda.com subscription and then pick the tutorials that look like they cover some of the techniques you will need to use. Don't expect to be successful if you do not start with the basic workflow and explanation of the UI. There is no single plug-in or effect that will do what you want to do with the click of a mouse.


          I would also go to a book store and look at and buy any books you can find on the techniques of animation and illustration. Reproducing your sample video is not a weekend project that can be covered in a couple of simple tutorials.