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    Table cell misalignment

    cats name

      I imported a Word doc with a table in it. When I bring it in there are extra cells in the table that I can't get rid of and create misalignments of the cells. Some I can merge with other cells but some are harder to fix. I think it is caused by returns and tabs in the original Word doc so from now on I will check the table in Word first. But for now, I need a fix. Any answers out there?

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          The fix would be indeed to check and correct the table in Word first. Word is, when it comes to tables, even worse than it is anyway. If you can cope with loosing formatting, you may copy the table to Excel and import from an Excel file to Indesign.

          There are also import options to play with when importing the DOC, not just copy and paste. Perhaps you save just the table in a separate DOC and import via Place dialog.