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    loading external swf files

      hi friends,

      I am having one main swf file and two external swf files.

      Now I have to load the external files into the main file.

      My first external swf file has 800 frames

      My second external swf file has 400 frames.

      and I am running the movie at 24 frames/sec.

      I am using loadMovie in main.swf to load my first external swf file

      The first file should run completely. After completed , the second file should get
      loaded in main.swf and start playing.

      How to do this with the help of actionscript .
        • 1. loading external swf files
          joeschmoesdf Level 1
          at frame 1 put in an "loadmovie( "the1.swf", 1)" in the main.swf and on the first segment movie at the last frame put an "loadmovie( "the2.swf", 1)"

          This will cause the movies to load on top of the main.swf and by putting the as on frame 800 of the first external movie you can condense the main.swf into a 2 frame show where the first frame is the "loadmovie" and the second is a stop.

          This is because the changing to the second movie is handled in the first external swf

          As a side note if you dont wish the main.swf to show through just change the "1" to an "0"