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    problems I’m having with Adobe digital editions

    ron edmond
      1. Hi.

      I hope that you can help me sort out the problems I’m having with Adobe digital editions. I installed it when I bought an e-book reader, and it worked just fine.

      I think the problems started after I downloaded some updates, and I can still download books from my public library onto my laptop, but can’t transfer them to my e-book reader.

      It says that my laptop is not authorised, and when I try to authorise it I get the following statement which is printed in red on my screen.

      Activation server error.

      Code:  e_auth_not_ready

      Digital edidtions encountered an error on the activation server


      I hope that the above will give you some insight into what my problem might be, and that you can suggest a fix for it.

      Thank you so much for any help you are able to give me.

      Regards, ron.

      ps I'm using ver 3 and can't find answers in the FAQ section.