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    Output video is faster than preview?


      Hello everyone,


      Im fairly new to after effects. So new in that it took me all day yesterday to create a simple 10 second clip with a gradient ramp and floating circle particles. Here is my issue. When I click on the play button in the "preview" box, it loads the 10 second clip with the little lime green line. After loading (I think its called rendering?), I am able to play the clip from start to end as many times as I'd like. When I do this, the clip plays at the speed I want. But when I add it to the render queue and export it, the clip is much faster. Im sure there is a solution to this beginner question of mine but I just cant seem to figure out how to slow the output video down to have the same speed as when I preview the clip. When I preview the clip, right about the "preview" box I get some text in red saying "fps: 11.404/30.00 (NOT realtime). So maybe It has something to do with the fps when I export it? So my rationale was, change the composition fps to 11.4, add to render queue, then export and maybe itll be the same speed as the preview but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are not understanding at all how Video or After Effects works or how previews are generated. PLEASE, for your own sanity, spend a few minutes watching this series of videos on the Basic Workflow. That should point you to the right direction.


          RAM preview (not accomplished with the space bar) may not ever be at full frame rate. This depends on your comp resolution and your system. You may have the comp window zoom factor set to 50% but your comp resolution set to 100%, which will slow down the rendering of a ram preview and can effect playback speed. You'll be more successful if you have resolution in the comp window set to automatic. The whole AE experience requires at least a couple of hours going over just the basics of the UI, previewing, and rendering or you will be forever frustrated and think that the software is not working when it is actually working exactly as it is supposed to.