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    Still serious footnote problems! Please, help!



      Sent before this message, added more information and hope to get any helpfull answer ... or did
      I hit too raw the cheecks of a just money milking Adobe? (no one reacted)

      Working with InDesign CS 6 with a book containing about 200 pages with 330 footnotes, numbered from 1
      to 330 throughout the whole book.

      Today suddenly adding a new footnote at the beginning of the book (somewhere
      between footnote 11 and 12) is no longer possible. InDesign stops working and
      has to be ended by way of the taskmanager.

      And as it worked out now, it is also not longer possible to DELETE a footnote unless you are
      deleting one at the very (rear-)end of the book.


      This is a personal disaster for me as I now have to spent a lot of hours to make “fake” footnotes
      and as my footnotes contain a lot of indexed words I have to index them ALL
      again as copying an indexed word leaves you with an index-entry without a
      pagenumber! (also a very well known and very old handicap Adobe does not seem
      to care about).

      When I add a footnote somewhere between footnote 280 and 281 it is still working.

      When I delete half of the book and half of the footnotes it is also working.

      So there seems to be a capacity-problem where InDesign "says": enough
      footnotes. I also tried this on a 64-bits machine with a mass of memory, but InDesign
      crahes as hard as mentioned before.

      I am not optimistic about a solution because (as an old user) I am aware that
      Adobe not repaired even the smallest imperfections concerning the management of
      footnotes since Pagemaker 3.


      But does someone know a solution or work around?

      The only thing I can think of is to manually add "footnoot-like" comments
      under the text on every page and placing some superscript sign to
      "fake" real footnotes. That is what we already have to do if we want
      to place a footnoot inside a table. Another very old and never solved problem!
      Even not after 10 years!


      I am also uncertain if breaking up all these footnotes starting new numberings
      for each section will solve the problem as the TOTAL amount of notes will not
      change. But adding a footnoot AT THE BEGINNING of a small section (with less
      footnotes) may "push forward" less notes and therefor may (?) prevent
      InDesign from crashing?

      Thanks for your appreciated help!