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    Short term usage


      I am currently playing with the free tutorial to test and see if I can set up a form that is actually going to work for us the way we want it to. So far things are looking promising. Here is my question and bigger problem. If I can make this work, we will only use this form and service for 2 months (Aug/Sept) of each calendar year. The rest of the time, this would be completely dormant and unused. I know there is a monthly fee, but it looks like we have to pay it as a one time yearly fee (12 months worth). Also, if we can pay for just the 2 months that we would use it, do we then lose the forms and they are deleted and then I have to reinvent them each succeeding year or is there a way that they stay in some kind of storage that can be revived or reset when needed again?


      Thanks, Debbie Wood