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    AE CC Importing Multiple JPEGS As A Sequence/MOV

    JesseHarris Level 1

      Hi - I've just upgraded from AE CS6 to CC on a 2013 MBP with OS 10.8.4


      I usually import raw files for time lapse work, for this sequence however I've captured jpegs.  Command-I for the import window and I've chosen ALL ACCEPTABLE FILES, formate JPEG and checked SEQUENCE.  The problem is that when I select ALL the jpegs in the folder the SEQUENCE check box disappears and MULTIPLE SEQUENCES is the check box...


      Also the FOOTAGE pulldown is grayed out.


      I want to import the jpegs as footage but they import as individual files!


      How do I make the jpegs a JPEG Sequence or Footage/mov?


      Thank you