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    Air FileSystem: Update: New directories for Windows only!

    SourceSkyBoxer Level 1

      Hello Sirs & Ladies


      i have a nice idea for important directories like they want to call WindowsDirectory, SystemDirectory or any directories for Adobe Air 13.x and 14.x


      Look out my example screenshot:


      air_update_with_anynewdirectories.PNG air_update_with_anynewdirectories_show_new_and_old.PNG

      red lines mean beknown like File.desktopDirectory and File.documentsDirectory

      blue points mean new directories....

      If you would like to download and enjoy to Adobe Air Applications Link to DropBox

      Sorry my swc is bit mesh and it is not complety like ProgramFiles and Program Files (x86) and ProgramData and AppData Directories will come soon....


      Thanks and best regards!