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    Noob question re: lineto

      Hi guys... I am a bit of a noob when it comes to some actionscript. What I am looking to do is get an XML file full of co-ordinates and read it into the movie which I can then pass to a lineto. I can do this without a problem.... but rather than just instantly drawing the line I want it to animate from its starting point to its end point. I've tried using tween for this but I'm completely lost and can't seem to get it working. Am I looking in the right area or am I barking up the wrong tree. I was hoping it would be a nice bit of 1 line code :(
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          joeschmoesdf Level 1
          the best way i can think of for you would be to draw and tween it on another fla then use loadmovie("your.swf", 1) to load it on a layer above the main layer

          To make a tween on another fla just draw the line then drag the keyframe to then end number of frames you want rt click *** motion tween then add a keyframe at the end. Then modify the first and it should work just fine as a motion tween. (If you can i recommend just doing the tween in the main.swf)
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            frankmat Level 1
            ok well I must be a bit confused... the lineto always changes as its dynamic... I tried using the motion tween but apart from rotating it I can't do much else. I guess I want to scale it from 0 to 100 but I don't seem to have that choice.