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    Flash CC does not support .swf then how do i edit .swf?

    serenity222 Level 1


      I am at a stuck point with my clients website i downloaded a template for him and have everything good to go except for i have no experience in flash files and the main piece to this websites decor is a flash .swf file. As i stated i have no experience in flash and its mechanics so i am at a great disadvantage in editing the flash banner for my client.


      I tried renaming the file to .fla but flash cc had a problem opening, i am assuming it is because there is more you have to do then simply just rename file?


      My question is how can i go about editing flash .swf files without spending the $800 for flash CS6 which would be able to open this file for editing?


      I tried Sothink SWF Editor and it opened the file but i simply could not understand it.


      Keep in mind i am just trying to change some links that would go to a part of my clients site.


      Expertise and guidance would be much appreciated,