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    How to reinstall Photoshop CC?


      I recently uninstalled my Photoshop CC because it was the trial version so I thought I had to uninstall it since I just bought it, but now I'm just clueless as for how can I reinstall it. Please do help me! (Windows 8)

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          You could have just left Photoshop on your system.  It would have eventually timed out, but would start working again if able to sign in to the CC Desktop Application Manager, which obviously depends on your having subscribed.


          Do you still have the Desktop Application Manager installed?

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          If not, reinstall it.  Windows 8 is a bit fussy about installing the CC apps, so to have the best chance of a successful reinstall, restart your computer, and right click, and run the Desktop Application Manager as Administrator.  Then install Photoshop, Bridge, Extension Manager.